Read my latest piece about why I rarely (if ever) post photos of my daughter on social media in the Jan. 10 edition of CharlotteFive:

My daughter, Eleanor, just turned 5 months old a couple of weeks ago. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, though. Same if you looked at my wife’s accounts.

In her nearly half a year of life, exactly three photos of Eleanor have been posted on Facebook – one of just her hand the day she was born and two family photos, all posted by me. That’s it. And it’ll probably be a while before I post another one.

It’s not because I haven’t been taking any photos. Believe me, I have, and have the dwindling phone memory to prove it.

And it’s not because I don’t want to show her off. Man, do I want to show her off. She’s beautiful and observant and has the most amazing facial expressions and the most ridiculous hair that goes from blond to dark brown midway down the back of her head, like she decided to bleach the business half of her mullet.

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