Twenty seventeen was a dumpster fire of a year for many people for many reasons I’m not going to get into here. You know what I’m talking about: the avalanche of terrible, awful, no good things that made us all dread – or avoid – looking at the news each day.

That’s what will define 2017 for some. Not me. I’m choosing to remember the good moments and the joy, the positive changes.

This is what I will remember about 2017:

Walking my sister down the aisle and watching her marry a good man who cares deeply about her, and gaining a brother.

Showing up to a bar four hours early to watch basketball games with friends in March, then cheering/crying/hugging strangers when Luke hit the shot and a doing it again a few days later when the Tar Heels cut down the nets.

Celebrating my grandfather’s 90th birthday, marveling at the impact he has had on so many people, and hoping I can be even half as good a man as him.

Feeling the excitement (and fear) of starting a new job after eight years with the same company, the first company I worked for out of college. Change can be hard, but also good.

Getting the keys to our first house, and knowing this is the home our family will grow up in.

Hearing my baby girl cry (scream, really) at 10:07 p.m. July 29. Meeting Eleanor. Knowing that my life would never be the same; it would be better.

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