A few years ago I did this thing where I lost more than 60 pounds. It was a big deal for me. I’ve always been the big kid. I like to eat crappy food and drink good beer, and I like sitting on couches.

But, kind of on a whim, I joined the Y and started working out and stayed with it for more than a year, culminating with a half marathon in 2012. Then I got married and got busy and, well, The Corey Project (as I called it) went on hiatus.

There have been failed revival attempts in the past — Couch to 5K (nope), biking (YES, but not regularly enough and not enough of a burn), Insanity (insanity) — but nothing stuck.

I clearly need a goal to stay motivated. So I created one. Courtney signed up for her first marathon — the Rock ‘N’ Roll in D.C. in March — and, inspired by her and my tighter-fitting jeans, I signed up for the half.

My 12-week training plan is entering its third week and I did very little running before the plan began, so I’m basically going 0 to half in 84 days. But I did get new shoes and sweet wireless Bluetooth headphones, so I look good while I’m wheezing at mile two.

Wish me luck.

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